About us


SEA Mission


SEA Mission was founded in 2005 with a vision to serve the needs of incarcerated individuals in Ontario prisons. Over the years, the prison ministry expanded to serve the inmates’ families, many of whom were located in the Jane and Finch community. In recent years, the mission’s focus has been on serving the low-income residents of the Jane and Finch community.


A community where anyone can imagine and achieve their dreams.

– Transform a person’s life

– Restore families

– Rebuild the community


To help everyone – adults, children, the poor, the ignored, immigrants, ex-prisoners, homeless – renew their hope and achieve their dreams through physical and spiritual support.

5 values

Never wait!

We embrace anyone that needs help and care, regardless of who they are.

All our work and the relationships that we form are rooted in love.

We are not simply about social service – helping and providing for others. We want to become their friends and neighbours.

We not only care for others physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

We do not wait for people to find us. We look for them to become their neighbours and friends.